Profession Loan

Limit per Borrower : Maximum Limit Rs.1.50 Crore
Margin Money : 20 %
No.Of EMIs (For Mahinary & Equipments) : 120
No.Of EMIs (For Premises Loan) : 120
No.Of EMIs (For Furniture Fixtures) : 84
(B.O.D. reserves right to change according to repayment capacity of applicant).
Rate of Interest : 11.50 %
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Guarantors : One guaranters (who holds property)
Collateral Security : Immovable Property 110% of Loan Amount. OR FD/NSC/KVP/LIC Policy etc 90% of Loan
Purpose of Loan : Business devlop,working capital,purchase shop or shade or any other reason.
Security :

Collateral :

  • Third party guarantee of one personal guarantors having Own Property & having good worthiness and financially sound and member of the Bank.
  • Registered mortgage of title cleared property of the borrower/guarantors.