Personal Loan

Limit per Borrower : Rs.1,00,000.00
Margin Money : N.A.
No.Of EMIs (For Mahinary & Equipments) : 48
(B.O.D. reserves right to change according to repayment capacity of applicant).
Rate of Interest : 15.00 %
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Guarantors :
  • Two personal guarantors,having their own residential buildings.
  • In case of employee,have to produce authority latter of deduction from salary.
Eligibility of borrower :
  • Having current / saving account holder of the Bank.
  • He/she must be a member of the Bank.
Purpose of Loan :
  • Social ceremonies of the members.
  • Medical treatment of the members and his family members.
  • Educational expenses of  his children.
  • Repairing of his residential house.
  • Any other reason
Share Linkage : Borrower must have Bank 1 share 5% Bank FD of the loan sanction  amount.